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Illumos kvm amd support and s

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illumos-kvm + AMD-V support. NB: Work-in-progress repository for AMD-V support. Presently the module will load on my HP Microserver, and I can boot an OpenBSD/amd64 VM. There are remarkably few issues at this stage, but it may set fire to your cat, etc. Working on it, testers encouraged! illumos is a Unix operating system which provides next-generation features for downstream distributions, including advanced system debugging, next generation filesystem, networking, and virtualization options. illumos is developed by both volunteers and companies building products on top of the software. Feb 06,  · illumos-kvm: KVM for illumos. KVM is the kernel virtual machine, a framework for the in-kernel acceleration of QEMU. illumos-kvm is a port of KVM to illumos, taking advantage of illumos-specific constructs like DTrace, cyclics, mdb, kstat, OS virtualization, network virtualization, ZFS, etc.

Illumos kvm amd support and s

Support for AMD processors and Intel processors This version of the kvm driver is not currently supported. OmniOS already has a type-2 hypervisor, KVM, so why are we introducing bhyve ? bhyve does not currently have support for AMD processors but this is. Currently KVM on OpenIndiana only supports recent Intel chipsets I was using Windows guest, so I can run some s/w which is missing for OI.]

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