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Industrial revolution child labour coal mines

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Apr 28,  · Child Labor in the Coal Mines of England. During the Industrial Revolution, coal was a major source of energy, and was extremely important because it burned hotter than wood charcoal. The primary use of coal was used as a source of energy, and used to power the steam engines of factories, where many other children also Aimee Trevino. The Coal Mines Industrial Revolution. Women and children at first worked alongside men in the coal mines, although there were differences in jobs they did. Before , there were no protection laws, nor limits for the age of child labor. Problems of Child Labour; Children's Employment Commission; Mines and Collieries Act ; Primary Sources; Student Activities; References; Work in coalmines was both hard and dangerous. Coal seams varied in thickness from eighteen inches in Durham to about seven feet in Yorkshire. Narrow seams meant the miners worked in very confined spaces.

Industrial revolution child labour coal mines

In the coal and iron mines which are worked in pretty much the same way, For this more wearing labour, therefore, older children and half-grown girls are employed. Even in the most recklessly conducted industrial establishments there is no in all districts without exception, the coal-miners age early and become unfit. The Victorians saw child labour as a normal part of working life. Most children started work underground when they were around eight years old, but some were Children were also employed in other industries, such as textile mills and farms . Child labor in the Industrial Revolution reading with a summary of the major As well as working in factories, many children were also employed in coal mines.]

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Child labour - Mary & The Miners

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