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Objoutlook as outlook application

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Return value. An Object value that represents the new Outlook item.. Remarks. The CreateItem method can only create default Outlook items. To create new items using a custom form, use the Add method on the Items collection.. Example. The following Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example creates a new MailItem object and sets the BodyFormat property to olFormatHTML. Feb 13,  · Dim objOutlook As canhighways.comation. Set objOutlook = CreateObject("canhighways.comation") That is illogical. The first suggests early binding, the second suggests late binding. Replace the second with: Set objOutlook = new canhighways.comation. Not sure that will fix your issue, but at least you have removed one possible problem. Dec 11,  · You can go ahead and Google this Set objOutlook = CreateObject(canhighways.comation) It looks SO simple to fire up Outlook to do something via VBA automation. Throw in a reference to the Reviews: 3.

Objoutlook as outlook application

Private Sub Create_Email_Click() Dim objOutlook As canhighways.comation Dim objOutlookMsg As canhighways.comem 'Create the Outlook session. Original VBA code to send email using Outlook Private Sub Send_Click(). Dim objOutlook As canhighways.comation. Dim objOutlookMsg As. On the original PC (running Outlook ) there's a reference called Microsoft Outlook .. Set objOutlook = CreateObject("canhighways.comation").]

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