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Ww1 history podcast s

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Aug 03,  · WWI army rations and the French Revolution. Rachael Duffett considers how First World War soldiers took to the food they were served, in this December podcast. Plus, Julian Swann offers his thoughts on the origin of the French Emma Mason. World War I Podcast Season One Produced by the MacArthur Memorial to commemorate the upcoming centennial of World War I (), the World War I History Podcast will explore the history of the war from a variety of perspectives. Just an update on the state of the show. I took a summer job at a live music venue, and the hours have been hectic so I've found little time to focus on the podcast. Episode The Fall of Fort Vaux is written, and once I carve out a free day it will be posted. It should be up in the coming weeks.

Ww1 history podcast s

A chronological look at the origins and battles of the First World War from The Great War's most infamous day is also its most misunderstood. The best history podcasts, from oral histories to trivia about royal history, selected much of it archived and accessible via Top Ww1 podcasts for This is primary history as told by the soldiers themselves, mostly Australian diggers but possibly tommies, poilus, doughboys.]

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World War One (ALL PARTS)

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