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Annual average ground flash density

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Climate descriptions and data for Texas cities. Amarillo is located in the middle of Texas Panhandle and the climate is semi-arid temperate. The area is subject to rapid and large temperature changes, especially during the winter months when cold fronts from the northern Rocky Mountains and Plains states sweep across the level plains at speeds up to 40 mph. Temperature drops between 50 and Start studying D2 water distribution test. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The planet Earth is believed to consist of a thin crust 2–3 mi thick under the oceans and as much as 25 mi thick beneath the continents that covers the large, solid sphere of the rock mantle, which descends to about 1, mi. Below the mantle is the fluid outer core, and, at .

Annual average ground flash density

Download scientific diagram | North American average annual cloud-to-ground lightning flash density, (Vaisala, ). from publication: Striking. lightning flashes to ground per kilometer squared per year is the primary input . factor of higher average value of the ground flash density than for a plain. Top Ten Cloud-to-Ground Flashes by State. 1. Texas Top Ten States — Flash Density per square km. 1 Map, compared to year average.]

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Lightning Striking Tree in 4K - Tree Catches on Fire !!!

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