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Apocynaceae family characteristics pdf

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The family Apocynaceae is closely related to Asclepiadaceae and has been placed with it by taxonomists. Hallier included the Asclepiadaceae with the Apocynaceae and derived them from the Linaceae. Bessey accepted the two families as distinct and treated both in his Gentianales. Apocynaceae. Apocynaceae is a family of flowering plants that includes trees, shrubs, herbs, stem succulents, and vines, commonly known as the dogbane family, (Greek for "away from dog" since some taxa were used as dog poison). Members of the family are native to the European, Asian, African, Clade: Angiosperms. Apocynaceae. Plants of the Dogbane Family The herbs, shrubs, and trees of the Dogbane family have opposite leaves (rarely alternate) and a milky, latex sap. Most are poisonous to some degree. The flowers are bisexual and regular, with 5 united sepals, 5 united petals, and 5 stamens. Stamens attach at the .

Apocynaceae family characteristics pdf

Family Apocynaceae PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Family-apocynaceae-pdf. Apocynaceae is one of the largest families of angiosperms. .. epidermis of the ovary of C. isthmicum had these characteristics and during the. The plants of the genus Melodinus (Apocynaceae) are widely General Introduction of the Family Apocynaceae Juss. and Genus Melodinus.]

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Taxonomy and diversity of Apocynaceae

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