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Back orifice win7 sp1

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Back Orifice has the ability to transfer files, delete, create and modify files on your hard drive. So in short yes. The content on is maintained on Github. Pull requests are welcomed, see our contributor's guide for details on how you can help. Back Orifice is a rootkit program designed to expose the security deficiencies of Microsoft's Windows operating systems. The program's name is inspired by the name of Microsoft's BackOffice product. Created by a group of hackers called the Cult of the Dead Cow, Back Orifice allows someone at one computer to control everything on another, remote computer running Windows. Back Orifice XP is a network remote administration tool, gives control of the system, network, registry, passwords, file system, and processes. Based in BO2K but with a new plugin architecture. Based in BO2K but with a new plugin architecture.

Back orifice win7 sp1

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