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Cad cam nptel pdf

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at which is more appropriate for cad cam application. Now it is almost universally believed that among the three representations, parametric is the one which is most widely used for certain strong reasons which we will look into is why parametric representation has an edge over implicit and explicit representation for cad cam applications. But. 5) Computer aided quality control and CAD/CAM integration: Apart from inspection and testing, computers are used in a number of other areas of the quality control. All the applications of CAQC can be integrated with CAD/CAM to make the whole process of designing and manufacturing controlled by the computers converted into fully automated Haresh Khemani. With the development of the CAD (Computer Aided Design)/CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) system, interactive graphic system is integrated with the NC part programming. Graphic based software using menu driven technique improves the user friendliness. The part programmer can create the geometrical model in the CAM package.

Cad cam nptel pdf

The due date for submitting this assignment has passed. As per our records you have not submitted this assignment. CAD/CAM is the. CAD/CAM Applications Process planning acts as a bridge between design and manufacturing by translating design specifications into manufacturing process. Computer aided engineering and analog/digital simulation of electronic circuits. ❑ >> Computer aided design of printed circuit boards for EMC compliance.]

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Lec-43 What is CAD/CAM

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