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Can you kill slender man

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I can assure you that adults fear Slender Man as much as any child, possibly even more due to the helplessness in the situation. Besides, the "Fear Eater" interpretation means we ultimately have the greatest tool in fighting Slender Man: flat out ignoring him. This would make absolutely no sense in the grand scheme of his behavior. Jun 23,  · Well not Slender Man himself per say he can kill you sometimes through physical means but also through psychological means and the most prominent one is extreme paranoia and that can lead to suicide. In the Indie Game, Slender, you can be killed by having the Slenderman in the line of vision for too long, staying in one spot for periods of time, and turning off your flashl ight for periods of time. The game can also end randomly, with the screen automatically turning around to face the Slenderman.

Can you kill slender man

Is Slenderman real, or is he something 'beyond' real? And if the latter, how can you kill Slenderman? In this article excerpted from Darklore. They later claimed they were forced to act by the mythical Slender Man. Into the woods: how online urban legend Slender Man inspired children to kill Morgan and Anissa did not yet know that Bella, against all odds, had. The part about electrocution referenced to my former idea of killing Slenderman with an electric shock. Later, we (and "we" means Pyro, mostly) figured out this.]

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How To: KILL SLENDER MAN! - Slender Woods - Part 2

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