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Clozapine agranulocytosis case report forms

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PDF | The risk of suicide among patients with schizophrenia is greater than that in the general population. Although clozapine, along with its other significant features, has been reported to. Clozapine-Associated Priapism: A Case Report. clozapine as an antipsychotic agent with minimal extrapyramidal side effects Side effects associated with clozapine use include agranulocytosis, sedation, hypotension and hypersalivation.4, 12 Clozapine has recognized a-adrenergic blocking properties that can cause orthostatic hypotension Cited by: Apr 02,  · We report the case of a multiple drug interaction involving clozapine, antifungals and oral contraceptives, which resulted in an increased clozapine plasma level, pericarditis with pericardial effusion and eosinophilia in a young Caucasian woman. These symptoms and signs disappeared a Cited by: 9.

Clozapine agranulocytosis case report forms

Clozapine has been used to treat schizophrenia, nonschizophrenic As described in this case study, the risk of agranulocytosis and the need. Initially he tolerated the dose of clozapine well and showed partial response to There was no history of administration of any antibiotics, and neutropenia in the form of heamatological malignancies, systemic lupus. There is paucity of information on the use of clozapine in patients with HIV. Ethnicity, co-prescribed medications and possible drug-drug.]

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Clozapine induced Agranulocytosis

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