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File dialog box windows xp

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Get Windows 7 System Properties Dialog Box in Windows XP If you are a Windows XP user and trying to make your XP look like Windows 7, then here is something interesting for you. This tutorial will help you in changing the look of Windows XP System Properties dialog box and make it look like Windows 7 dialog box. Jan 24,  · Q: File Save dialog forgets the last accessed folder (Windows XP) Interestingly its opposite, the 'File Open' dialog, does not default to the My Documents folder, unless the 'File Save' dialog is opened before it. So it seems the 'File Save' dialog is changing the 'Current Folder' to My Documents each time it opens. Aug 26,  · The "File Open," "File Save," and "Insert File" dialog boxes in Microsoft Office do not show network drives in Windows XP. Symptoms. When you use one of the following dialog boxes in any Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office application on Windows XP, no network drives are listed in the Look In list: File Open. File Save. Insert File.

File dialog box windows xp

[Version 1] Customizing RUN Dialog Box in Windows XP Using Resource Hacker Open shelldll file present in C:\Windows\System32 folder using Resource. 4 Easy Ways to Customize Common Dialog Box on Windows XP Places Utility to Customize Locations in Open File Dialogue Box [Windows]. Below you'll find a screenshot of the default “Save As” dialog box in Windows XP. Make note of the shortcuts that you actually use, so you can.]

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