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Get group members dsquery

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Dsget group. 08/31/; 5 minutes to read; In this article Applies To: Windows Server , Windows Server , Windows 8. Displays the properties of a group in the directory, including its members. There are two variations of this command. The first variation allows you to view the properties of multiple groups. Windows: Get all groups a user is memberof by dsquery/dsget recursive. The “net” builtin commands of Windows have some limitations: It truncates groupnames longer then 20 Characters, it cannot resolve group in group memberships. For using these commands you have to install the Windows RSAT Tools (Remote Server Administration Tools). To get the members of a group all you need is. dsget group GroupDN -members. GroupDN is the distinguished name of the group. However, you save yourself the trouble of typing because you can pipe the results of the dsquery command to dsget.

Get group members dsquery

dsquery user -samid [username] | dsget user -memberof -expand | dsget group - samid. Good Luck!. A. The Windows Server Dsget command is useful for getting information about objects stored in AD, including groups. (See also, "Listing. Get all members of a Group by its sAMACcountname. C:\> dsquery group -samid YourGroupName | dsget group -members. and recursive if the group contains.]

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