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How can i my facebook chat history

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If you want to view all of your chat history without scrolling you can use this android app to download all your conversations as a csv file which will let you save all the messages in a file can be opened by any spreadsheet software as Microsoft Excel. That means you can select which type of information you want to download (messages, posts, pictures) and which time frame this download should cover. By the way: archived chats can now also be downloaded 🙂 Follow these steps to download and save your facebook messenger chat history. Table 2: Information you can download using the Download Your Information tool. Chat A history of the conversations you’ve had on Facebook Chat (a complete history is available directly from your messages inbox). Check-ins The places you’ve checked into. Currency Your preferred currency on Facebook.

How can i my facebook chat history

Over the years, Facebook messages become a great source of old memories for a user. You may read old Facebook Messenger messages. Have you ever felt the need to search through your Facebook Messenger's conversation history in order to recall something you or your friend. The history of all of your Facebook instant messages is stored within each thread or conversation, but the method for finding it is different.]

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