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Installing rubygems on redhat

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Jul 12,  · How to install RubyGems on Linux. Here is an instruction on how to install RubyGems on various Linux distros. When you install RubyGems, you also want to install Ruby development environment as well, which is needed to build Ruby extensions which are typically written in C language. On Arch Linux, RubyGems is included in the ruby package. So install ruby package from AUR. While this works, I think it would be more ideal to install via yum and a system configured repository, rather than installing one-off RPMs. – quickshiftin Sep 9 '13 at Updated link on I have a CentOS (bit server) I'd like to install Ruby (current patch level) and RubyGems What's the best way to go about this? disclaimer: I'm a CentOS noob.

Installing rubygems on redhat

sudo yum install ruby. If you are using RedHat Enterprise Linux 6, enable the Optional channel for your host by logging into Red. I'm having issues getting the 'gem install rails' command to operate. I type the command, and nothing happens after like 5 minutes or more. I just built RHEL 6 and I need to be able to install ruby gems, etc. I have the ruby packages installed but there is no gem command.]

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How to install redhat linux 6 on virtual box - RHEL6 on VirtualBox

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