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L8wrtr shadow of the sith music

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In the L8wrtr trilogy there are no midichlorians, Darth is not a Sith title and will not be heard until Vader is Knighted in Episode III, and R2 never, ever flies. This edit was originally released in July in standard definition using Adywan's color corrected theatrical construction as the foundation. Mar 05,  · Nevertheless, I have a few suggestions for L8wrtr if he ever decides to create a second edition of this edit or for any future editor who chooses to base a fan edit on this material. Revise Opening Crawl; The Shadow of the Sith opening crawl is an improvement, but the text is long, and there should be three paragraphs rather than four. Jul 06,  · The first fanedit in the L8wrtr Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, Shadow of the Sith both radically improves The Phantom Manace as well as sets the tone for the entire re-edited prequel universe. With a focus on quality characters, improved pacing and relentless removal of childish humor and redundant story-telling, this edit bends Episode I back into 9/10(51).

L8wrtr shadow of the sith music

EDIT: Watched Revenge of the sith absolutely loved it. They cut out the L8wrtr's Edits. Shadow of the sith/Phantom Menace · The Republic. of Episode I: Shadow of the Sith and Episode II The Republic Divided, The Republic Divided (by L8wrtr): ; Attack of the Clones - The. Anonymous fan editor L8wrtr's cut of The Phantom Menace, The Shadow of the Sith, removes a whopping 40 minutes from the film's runtime.]

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Rage of the Shadow Warriors - Extended

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