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Ntpdate red hat linux

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This post briefly outlines how one can force a ntp (Network Time Protocol) sync with the ntp servers defined in the /etc/ configuration file. This document is useful when the date gets reset e.g. by a hardware maintenance such as a motherboard replacement. Red Hat on a Pentium III MHz & a Pentium II MHz Red Hat on a Dell Optiplex GX-1 Pentium II running Red Hat Objectives: 1. Set my Linux systems to the desired time zone 2. Set my Linux systems to the desired time and date 3. Get the NTP server running correctly 4. Make sure the hardware clock maintains the proper time 5. Apr 27,  · In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, the hwclock command was run automatically on every system shutdown or reboot, but it is not in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. When the system clock is synchronized by the Network Time Protocol (NTP) or Precision Time Protocol (PTP), the kernel automatically synchronizes the hardware clock to the system clock every 11 5/5.

Ntpdate red hat linux

In most Linux systems, the ntpdate command is not installed by default. [On Debian/Ubuntu] $ sudo yum install ntpdate [On CentOS/RHEL]. Download Your Free eBooks NOW - 10 Free Linux eBooks for Administrators | 4 NTP Server Installation in CentOS and RHEL 7 choice use ntpdate command, followed by the server or servers addresses, as suggested in. To set the date to value of NTP server you can use ntpdate com. See also Troubleshooting NTP on Red Hat Linux.]

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