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Radar tracking system ppt

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Jul 08,  · Radar ppt 1. RADAR BY PRATIBHA SHAKYA UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF Ms. SANTOSHI POTE ROLL NO: 49 2. Introduction RADAR is acronym for Radio Detection and Ranging. First successfully demonstrated in It uses electromagnetic waves. . Radar tracking system pdf Target tracking and missile tracking radars and the radar test set on a block. Function of the acquisition radar system and the TTR and target radar tracking system ppt Another key problem in radar tracking is data association. I.e. gaussian pdf . Like waves in the sea, radar waves have energy, frequency, amplitude, wavelength, and rate of travel. Whereas waves in the sea have mechanical energy, radar waves have electromagnetic energy, usually expressed in watt units of power. An important characteristic of radio waves in connection with radar .

Radar tracking system ppt

This technique can be used for EM or acoustic tracking systems • Most non scanning collision avoidance radars use this technique with either 2. 3 Objectives Describe how a radar servo tracking system keeps the antenna pointed at the target. Distinguish between single beam, dual beam and monopulse. Techniques of target detection. ® Examples of monopulse radar systems. ® Basic operating principle. ® Tracking radars. ® Techniques of target detection.]

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Sequential lobing, RADAR Tracking in Microwave and Radar engineering by engineering funda

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