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Regex to check date format yyyy-mm-dd javascript

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As far as I know "" is not a date format, it's just text that is entered that way. Can you check the cell format and confirm? If it's text, then changing the format of the date will do nothing to the contents. – aevanko Aug 18 '11 at I'm just wondering if there is a way (maybe with regex) to validate that an input on a Java desktop app is exactly an string formated as: "YYYY-MM-DD". I've searched but with no success. Thank you.

Regex to check date format yyyy-mm-dd javascript

Hi to all Could some one post the code or atleast write the regular expression for Javascript Date validation in the format yyyy-mm-dd. Example of a regular expression to find dates or to check if the user entered a valid date. 0[]|[12][]|3[01])$ matches a date in yyyy-mm-dd format from. The time field will allow input starting with 'hh:mm' (dd/mm/yyyy) Start Time javascript"> function checkForm(form) { // regular expression to match required date format re.]

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Tutorial JavaScript/Regex: Client-side input validation part 1 (free source code)

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