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Rsync dont delete files

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By default, rsync does not delete files but that depends on the commands options you specify. You can use any the following if you WANT to delete files: −−del (alias for −−delete−during) −−delete (deletes extraneous files from dest dirs) −−delete−before (receiver deletes before xfer [default]). By default, does rsync only add files to the destination folder that have been added to the source folder and change files that have been changed in the source folder but NOT delete files that were deleted from the source folder? If that is the case, what is the best way to make rsync do this? I want the destination folder to perfectly reflect. What are the differences between the rsync delete options? A lot of people use rsync to move files to low priority storage, and in this case you want the files you're moving to still EXIST in the destination directory. When you delete the files is important if you want to make sure the transfer is successful before you do anything, but.

Rsync dont delete files

MacOS already has rsync available so you don't need to worry about Add the -- delete option if you want to remove any files that don't in the. As user pointed out,if I use --remove-source-files there is no way to keep some files not deleted after transfer. So I ended up in using. Rsync to just delete files on destination when missing from source --prune- empty-dirs will remove empty directories in dst, not just deleting En savoir plus sur la façon dont les données de vos commentaires sont traitées.]

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