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Spider monkey javascript api s

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Jul 22,  · Description The representation of JavaScript programs that Mozilla used when they exposed their SpiderMonkey reflection API isn't perfect; in fact, it has a good number of flaws. But a rich ecosystem of tools has formed around this particular structured representation of JavaScript . Michael Ficarra discusses the SpiderMonkey Parser API, evaluating its design and flaws, and showcasing some of the more useful and prominent projects that have adopted Michael Ficarra. SpiderMonkey API reference. JS Debugger API Reference API reference for the Debugger object introduced in SpiderMonkey , which corresponds to Gecko (Firefox / Thunderbird / SeaMonkey ). Bytecode descriptions Listing of SpiderMonkey's bytecodes. Parser API Reflection of the SpiderMonkey parser, made available as a JavaScript API.

Spider monkey javascript api s

SpiderMonkey. Contributors to this page: SpiderMonkey; References: JSAPI reference. BOOLEAN_TO_JSVAL. But Mozilla's JavaScript engine is a library that can be linked into any can execute JavaScript code from C++ using the SpiderMonkey API. Feel free to add your own SpiderMonkey-based open source projects a library that aims to provide a generic SQL API for JavaScript that is as.]

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