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The long duel 1967 adobe

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The Long Duel borrows elements from some of the very best films about the British Raj - Gunga Din, North West Frontier, King of the Khyber story itself follows the Robin Hood genre. A brave local tribal ruler, Sultan, (Yul Brynner) wants to overthrow British rule by using his armed followers, who occupy an uneasy status between that of dacoits (gangs of robbers) and freedom fighters. The Long Duel is a film starring Yul Brynner, Trevor Howard, Harry Andrews. On the North-West Frontier in the Twenties, British officers disagree about handling the natives, and one of them forms a strong regard for the native Yul Brynner. The Long Duel () MAIN Links. Overview Full Credits Full Synopsis Notes Music Screenplay Info. Original Print Info Genre Keywords. data from AFI catalog. User Reviews Other Reviews Articles Money Awards Quotes Trivia Home Video Reviews Misc Notes .

The long duel 1967 adobe

(eval at e ( at cp. The course functions ok as long as you don't leave and re-enter the course. The file in the dual output is a 'sniffer' that is coded to detect. Demonstrated long-duration flight, demonstrated rendezvous radar FOREWORD. The Gemini Summary Conference was held on February 1 and 2, To protest against British oppression and tyranny a tribal leader becomes a bandit. Ken Annakin. Yul Brynner, Trevor Howard, Harry Andrews.]

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The Long Duel (1967)

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