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Cat food taster salary finder

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As a dog food tester, be prepared to evaluate all sorts of factors such as texture and consistency, in addition to taste, of course. While this may not be the most glamorous job in the world, at least it will allow you to feel closer to your dog and keep you from living in a doghouse. But ‘professional dog food taster’ is a real job, and it apparently pays quite well. An entry level position in the quality department would typically pay about $30, a year, while an. Apr 24,  · Much like the human food taste testers, a pet food taste tester gives feedback on the food and how it tastes. You may be happy to know that you don’t actually eat the food. Just like with human food taste testers, pet food tasters don’t actually swallow the food, instead, they spit it out.

Cat food taster salary finder

Browse TASTE TESTER Jobs ($25K-$42K) hiring now from companies with openings. Cat-Man-Doo Inc Redmond, WA 18% of jobs The average salary is $41, a year as a taste tester, your duties are to provide input to the food technicians or chefs who survey you on a number of qualities about the product. In addition to taste, pet food testers are also taking notes regarding the you should first possess certain traits that will afford you an easier search process. As of Jul , the average pay for a Food Taster is $ /hr. out by taking our salary quiz. Get a free salary report» Search for more jobs: Job search by.]

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Pet Food Taste Test

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