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Classifications of bacteria pdf

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Introduction to Bacteria: Classification, Morphology and Structures. Introduction. • Prokaryotic organisms. • Vary in sizes, measure approximately to μm • Widely distributed. It can be found in soil, air, water, and living bodies. • Some bacteria can cause diseases for human, animals and plants. CELL WALL OF ACID-FAST BACTERIA. • Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Corynbacteria diptheriae, and Norcardia asteroides contain complex lipids in their cell walls (mycolic acid, lipoarabinomanan, arabinogalactan). These bacteria respond poorly to the Gram stain. (A-8) GENERAL MORPHOLOGICAL TYPES OF BACTERIA (For the physician, the ability to recognize the important bacterial pathogens by microscopic examination of clinical specimens is essential for diagnosis and treatment of infections. Appropriate antibiotic choice can .

Classifications of bacteria pdf

Bacterial cell (morphology, staining reactions, classification of bacteria). The protoplast is bounded peripherally has a very thin, elastic and semi-permeable. 5. The ability to prepare pure cultures led to the study of bacterial classification and taxonomy. bacteria in the Gram stain are very useful in classification. The lecture will: 1. Cover different classification schemes for grouping bacteria, especially the use of the Gram stain. 2. Describe the different types of bacteria. 3.]

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Microbiology - Bacteria (Structure)

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