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Iphone 5 black orbs

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Jan 22,  · The theme is called Black Orbs, and it features 31 different app icons that link to some of the more popular apps on the iPhone. Obviously, since we have no iPhone 5 jailbreak yet, some compromises had to be made. Unlike WinterBoard, you can’t outright replace the look of an app icon with that of another. Instead, the developer of Black Orbs Author: Jeff Benjamin. Download Black Orb Apple iPhone 5 Wallpaper HD free. About Us. Established , is a high quality collection of free iPhone wallpapers. Black Orbs a new custom configuration allows you to install extremely unique themes for the iPhone 5 without having to jailbreak it since there is no untether jailbreak for iOS 6 yet, unlike Winterboad on Cydia the Black Orbs developers use a configuration settings to change the interface on the device, up to 31 default icons on the iPhone 5.

Iphone 5 black orbs

Our iPhone does not provide possibilities of customization view of the closure of iOS to change the software. From today it seems something. The theme is called Black Orbs, and it features 31 different app Take a look inside as I show you how to install Black Orbs on your iPhone 5. Newsstand was one of the major features of iOS 5, which essentially organizes your magazine and newspaper app subscriptions in one place.]

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