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Let s coach kelly smite

17.01.2020 | By Vogrel | Filed in: Soft.

SMITE is a third-person action MOBA. Instead of having a traditional isometric view (RTS), you are IN THE ACTION with a tight third-person camera. Move with WASD and mouse instead of . Kelly's persistence and humor, and the old style of patch notes. I remember them fondly and still prefer them to the current "polished" and "professional" patch notes. Wish you both good luck and well on your future endeavors and looking forward to what comes next/the future videos you make. Yeah, I've been worried about this too. I really hope Kelly keeps up a regular presence in terms of streaming her gameplay; I personally have learned a lot watching her stream, all the way back to Let's Coach Kelly.

Let s coach kelly smite

As an inexperienced player, it was really nice get the basics of a role/character in the format of watching someone else learn with a bit of humor. Welcome to Skillshot's channel on Twitch. Watch them stream Smite and other content live and join the community!. Bart and chat attempts to teach Kelly the basics of playing Hercules. Smite. Let's Coach Kelly more Hercules ยท 5 years ago. Category: Smite. Total Views.]

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Let's Coach Kelly... Solo Hercules

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