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One piece yellow databook

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One Piece Data Book Series. 5 primary works • 5 total works. The databooks are a series of books by the author to supplement the facts of the One Piece series, revealing data that the manga did not. So far, five have been published. One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements. Jan 24,  · A force that is definitely fit to be known as one of the Four Emperors. Deemed as the strongest pirate in the Grand Line. This great and well-known pirate organization is now on their journey for One Piece. Picture top with Buggy Buggy: Whitebeard is that fellow, the only monster who can fight against the Pirate King Roger. One Piece, Red, Grand Characters (Jump Comics) [Eiichiro Oda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Complete recording of the way of life of the great characters of ONE PIECE! And character file in ROMANCE DAWN one-shot comic commentary with author5/5(2).

One piece yellow databook

Character: Roronoa Zoro Wearing a waist guard!!! He calmly observes fights!!! There is no room for compromise or weakness for Zorro's. One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements (ワンピース イエロー グランド エレメンツ Wan Pīsu Ierō Gurando Erementsu?) is the third databook. It was released on April 2, and follows the series primarily from Volume , supplemented by information from earlier. The databooks are a series of books that written by editors and approved by the author to supplement the One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements, April 4, ]

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MangaReview: One Piece Databook - Green and Yellow

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