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Ospf vs eigrp pdf

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Sep 04,  · This Video explains aspects about OSPF and EIGRP routing Protocols. This video will help you compare both the protocols. Cisco OSPF vs EIGRP | . I wanted to use EIGRP and stub routers but cisco mentioned that more resources were being spent on BGP-OSPF interoperability vs EIGRP-OSPF interoperability so I went BGP on that basis. Another way to put it is that EIGRP with its stub routers and the ability to summarize wherever you want will scale better in a 'messy' topology. Hi. you can not comapre those protocol,ospf is a link state protocol, eigrp is between distance vector and link state so it is a hybrid, eigrp is proprietary, ospf is a standard so it can operate in a mixed enivrenment of many router from different vendors, eigrp is faster than ospf when it comes to convergence but cannot operate in a router from others vendors.

Ospf vs eigrp pdf

EIGRP and OSPF Comparison. For.. Client Sponsor. Prepared By. Scott Hogg. Project Number. Date. March 14, EIGRP and OSPF. intra-domain routing protocols such as EIGRP and OSPF. Routing Protocols that use Keywords – EIGRP, OSPF, Route summarization, Route redistribution. Fulltext - Performance Analysis of EIGRP and OSPF for Different Applications using OPNET.]

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OSPF Explained - Step by Step

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