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Pressure plate launcher plugin

08.02.2020 | By Arashigore | Filed in: Soft.

LaunchPad creates fun "Launchpads" that when stepped on, will launch you forward, and up, therefor "Launching" you! This is a recreation of "The Hive's" plugin, as many people have asked where they can find it. Commands /launcherNo permission node. Just displays plugin info. Permissions . This plugin allows you to set launch pads in your world. When installed, players will be launched in the direction they are headed. If you wanted to use a gold pressure plate, over sand for example, then you would have: launch-plate: Gold Plate bottom-block: Sand The speed is the launcher's launch speed. 4/5(13). CRAFT A PRESSUREPLATELAUNCHER! To make a pressureplate launcher, it is really simple! What you have to do is: Place a redstone block Above that redstone block, place a pressure plate CONFIG. The config offers whether it should be on or off To use the config, whether you want the plugin .

Pressure plate launcher plugin

This is a fun little plugin I made that uses a simple command to launch a Get a command block, put a pressure plate above it, and use a. Launcher: Minecraft Launcher (bootstrap 5) Minecraft: (updated Fri after stepping on stone pressure plate, game crashed. Steps to Reproduce: 1. ○ Join my server: ○ Download PressurePlayerLauncher here:]

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