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Refresh replica startup weblogic

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Check the option "Refresh Replica At Startup" and save. Press "Activate Changes." This option "Refresh Replica At Startup" described as "Specifies whether the embedded LDAP server in a Managed Server should refresh all replicated data at boot time. Oct 19,  · Anything about Java, WebLogic, OSB, Linux etc. this is my logbook of a navigation in the IT Technology ocean. Friday, October 19, WebLogic embedded LDAP, Refresh Replica At Startup. Feb 16,  · Below is the path of the “Refresh Replica At StartUp” Navigate to weblogic admin console ->Domain->Security->Embedded LDAP->Refresh Replica At StartUp. Since Security data (e.g., password) is stored in the Embedded LDAP by default and it is replicated from the admin server to the managed servers.

Refresh replica startup weblogic

Go to WLS administrative console and log in as weblogic/weblogic. Security Realm Screen Weblogic Refresh Replica At Startup Option. By default, each WebLogic Server domain has an embedded LDAP server configured with the default values set for each attribute. Refresh Replica At Startup. Refresh Replica at startup ensures that whenever managed server is restarted, it takes the latest ldap data from the admin server.]

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