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Shift f2 on mac citrix

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Jul 20,  · We are running Citrix XenApp 5 and push dual monitor desktop sessions to our users. Often users will accidentally hit "Shift + F11" and minimize their Citrix session window but the standard "SHIFT + F12" (restore full screen ICA session) command doesn't maximize their session window back across both screens. This article describes the behavior of Shift+F11 key combination and how to disable or enable the hotkey mapping of the Shift+F11 key combination. For Receiver/Plug-in (Citrix Client) versions , , , , x, x, see the Additional Resources section. Background. So Image 2 (title bar, Citrix Desktop - Citrix Receiver) isn't "Full Screen" per Citrix policy. Image 1 isn't "Full Screen" either. "Full Screen" in Citrix would cover your Windows 10 Start Menu, Toolbar/Taskbar. It takes up the whole desktop. Shift + F2 exits Full Screen or Seamless and makes it a floating window (which is why you see scrollbars).

Shift f2 on mac citrix

Hi all, I know that if you press Shift-F2 in a full screen session, it will allow access to desktop and pressing Shift-F2 brings it back full screen. Hi, I have an iMac using Receiver v I can't use use the shift and f2 combo to change from a full screen desktop to a windowed session. Citrix Receiver for Mac supports multiple client-side microphone input. Letter keys are capitalized and do not imply that the Shift key should.]

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Citrix Client Mac Install

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